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 Software Engineer & Software Architect
Java Programmer
Web Developer

Network Engineer

Walt Davis is an accomplished Information Technology professional with a demonstrated success in the design and implementation of innovative, complex systems/software architectures and IT infrastructures. 

  • Over 20 years of diverse and unique experience encompassing multiple areas of technology including systems architecture design, software development, web development and network engineering.
  • Expert knowledge of object-oriented analysis/design, object-oriented development methodologies, distributed applications, framework/application development, and advanced design patterns.
  • Solid understanding of network engineering principles, network architectures, systems administration, network appliances, Internet/Extranet, wireless networks, and systems security.
  • Extensive experience in Research & Development, Startup Companies, New Product Development, Strategic & Tactical Planning, Project Management, and Consulting.
  • Proven ability to build, lead and motivate high performance engineering and development teams.  Dedicated to producing a healthy, team-oriented environment to achieve maximized productivity.
  • Fluently communicates complicated technology concepts to technical and non-technical professionals, recognized for gaining support from venture capital firms and business partners.
  • Track record for building scalable system architectures using emerging technologies to introduce new systems and products that improve business functions, reduced costs, and ensure a positive ROI.


Professional Experience


Oregon Department of Human Services

Systems Architect

May 2003 - Present


State of Oregon Enterprise Architect for the DHS (Department of Human Services). Web based applications and distributed systems for public health and other departments.

  • Reference architecture - designing enterprise level distributed systems/applications, section/layered software structure, highly cohesive and loosely coupled sections, clear boundaries between logic types (BA, Security, Persistence, Presentation, Messaging ...), principals of object-oriented design/analysis, SOA, and RDD ...

  • Staff architect for Architecture Review Board (ARB)

  • NEDSS (National Electronic Disease Surveillance System)

  • eSentinal an early warning disease detection system for SARS, unexplained death, and other conditions

  • Internet accessible application for death scene investigations

  • Security, Identity Management, Provisioning, Directory Services, role-based authroization, single-sign-on, portal application launcher, forward/reverse proxying

  • IBM WebSphere, Java, LDAP, DB2, J2EE

  • Other DHS applications and systems: SACWIS, CRIMS, ICM, ICS, HAN, Immunization, Application Portal Framework, MMIS, SDC ....


Flatrock, Incorporate

Senior Systems Architect

Aug 2000 – May 2003

Led design of systems architecture through all phases of product development for clientless VPN product. Oversaw engineering team for construction of systems architecture.  Coordinated with COO, Marketing, VP of Engineering, and Project Manager.

  • Designed well-documented architecture that reflected actual systems construction and provided next generation extranet product.  Completed design within time and functional requirements, delivering a flexible and scalable system that enabled Flatrock to pursue several different markets.

  • Created distributed, object-oriented architecture that allowed multiple teams to develop different sections without need to communicate between teams.  Established clean architecture that enabled technical staff to rapidly isolate and resolve system issues.

  • Led technical team to evangelize and defend new technology to Venture Capitalists, which served as critical phase for obtaining second round funding.

  • Hired as first employee and successfully led initiatives from conception to delivery including several subsequent product releases and system enhancements.

  • Based on subsystem roles and core models, conceived and matured the Model Centric methodology to software architecture of distributed systems.



Software Engineer

April 1999 Aug 2000

Developed software focused on creating dynamic content that supported business initiatives to provide professional health care web portals for consumers.  Designed Internet health care information systems using Java technologies.  Developed software to retrieve data from various locations, transform information and load data into live websites.  Created and maintained back end content distribution software for MSN, Excite, Lycos, CVS and WebMD.

  • Designed and developed the Excite portal to provide a co-branded image for users of the Excite search engine.  Completed project within critical deadline for launch of the Healtheon merger.
  • Rewrote medcast slurp that served as main data relocation/transformation program (80%), originally developed and abandoned by contractor.  Resolved major problem with constant production machine reboot.  Met challenge of re-factoring complicated code that enabled current staff to maintain system.
  • Initiated and followed through with development of Swing-based IDE for developing websites on the WebMD platform. 


Technicalities, Incorporated

Chief Engineer/Architect

Feb 1997 – April 1999

Recruited to head product development for startup organization that specialized in object-oriented distributed systems and expert systems integration.  Coordinated with CEO and partner companies to define new products, conduct research, and develop new technologies.  Provided support to contracting and consulting branch of company to incorporate ideas into production.

  • Frame Design – Built prototype of custom expert system for Transportation Company, which enabled experts to enter domain knowledge regarding truck design and order process to determine if custom order meets predetermined specifications. Used an MVC and Swing based interface.
  • Lattice Works – Designed experimental tool combining expert system and OO technology into single development tool to model and generate code.  Developed unique system to enabled domain experts to build objects and model rules from remote locations, interacting through shared interfaces. Used a Swing based interface with custom MVC components.
  • Java Distributed Business Objects – Created framework that allowed developers to create application models for Java implementation while remaining independent of technologies.  Created model to enable developers to use a generator to choose persistence, distribution and other technologies to create deployment code, which supported SQL-based persistence, RMI and EJB code generations.
  • Knowledge Modeling Language – Contributed to development of methodology based on UML for support of knowledge modeling, which extended the UML Meta-Model to support KML features and build GUI front ends to model objects in KML. Prototype used a Swing based interface with custom swing components.


Valley Insurance Group


Nov 1995 – Feb 1997

Developed object-oriented software to prototype major insurance system focused on processing commercial lines insurance.  Performed maintenance and integration with legacy AS/400 systems.  Designed software in Visual Age Smalltalk using 3-tier architecture driven by use-cases.

  • Rewrote insurance ID card program written in COBOL using object-oriented principals, proving the concept of implementing object-oriented decomposition in a procedural language.
  • Initiated pilot project on Smalltalk and IBM Visual Age development platform. Evaluated technologies for developing application and identified outsourcing partner.  Successful pilot led to full-scale project to develop new commercial lines system from ground up.
  • Served as lead Smalltalk programmer to building new commercial lines application.  Coordinated with expert Smalltalk consultants using OOAD techniques to create functional prototype system


Hewlett Packard

Software Test Eng/Tech Support Rep

Dec 1992 – Jun1994

Performed software testing for calculator/handheld products group.  Created testing plans and automated test scripts for handheld products.  Provided technical support to users on the functionality of calculator and other handheld products.  

  • Served as project team member for beta testing of the HP48GX calculator.  Tested matrix functionality of the unit.  Identified and resolved more bugs then all other team members combined through utilization of automated testing programs. 
  • Developed testing script to operate in 24x7 environment, which logged test results to computer.  Utilized scripts to check logs daily and submit to development team for resolution.


Additional Technology Experience

From Above Solutions

Information Technology Consultant

May 2002 2005

Provided consulting with clients to design IT infrastructures, develop object-oriented technologies, create advanced software architectures and implement wireless network systems.  Managed consulting engagements, business development and financials.  Assist in development of Venture Capital funding and business partnerships.  Built and managed engineering teams.

  • Meritel – Configured and tested equipment for messaging wireless network to provide broadband services for the city of Aumsville, OR, enabling client to delivery service prior to specified date.  Currently implementing point-to-multi-point wireless network to provide long-range services.
  • Centxian – Developed architectural foundation for new hybrid VoIP/TDM computer telephony line of products.  Worked with Venture Capital firms to help generate first round funding.
  • CMA – Provided expertise on design of server hardware/software including migration of Linux based technologies to improve entire infrastructure and resolve multiple technical problems.
  • SCS – Website development, network design & setup, and system administration.

Network Engineer/Administrator

Oct 1999 - Present

Independently manage non-profit company that provides IT solutions to other non-profit organizations.  Provide domain hosting, web, hosting, email services, web development, network design/implementation, network cabling and customer service builds.  Oversee systems administration, upgrades and intrusion detection.  Resolve network and connectivity issues.  Maintain all servers, networks and Internet services.

  • Created and developed company that provides valuable services to 5 different non-profit companies.
  • Designed and implemented 3-segment networking including the Internet, Intranet and DMZ with web hosting and mail services.  Built all services with Linux and open source technologies.
  • Created dedicated server room including rack mount servers, DNS, web, firewall, content filtering, proxy, MySQL, CVS, SSH, file server, IDS, and intrusion detection software.


Open Source Projects


Demonstrated involvement in the open source community and projects.

  • Asterisk – Deployment of Asterisk for small to medium sized PBX solutions. Contributed to creation of Asterisk documentation and conducted testing.
  • IPCop – Deployment of IPCop for enterprise level firewall solutions. Documented solution for placing DNS servers within the DMZ for both external and internal access.





Java, C/C++, OOAD, UML, OCL, SmallTalk, AWT, MVC, Swing, RMI, CORBA, EJB, JMS, XML, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Use-Cases, CRC, RUP, RDD, LDAP, Application Servers.


Oracle, Sybase, Access, DB2, MySQL, Case Tools, Defect Tracking Tools, GUI Tools, Envy, CVS, Keystone, Dans Guardian, IPCop, Squid, Snort, Postfix, Apache, Freeswan, OpenLDAP, eDirecotry, iPlanet, WebSphere.


UNIX, Linux, AS/400, Windows (NT, 2000), Windows (95,98, ME, XP)


Firewall, LAN/WAN, TCP/IP, Ethernet, VPN, SMTP, POP3, SSH, SSL, IPTables, Vtun, IPSec, PPTP, Domain, HTTP, Hubs, Switches, Network Cabling, WWW, WebMail, Wireless Broadband.


Asterisk, VINA T1 Integrator, VoIP (sip & h323), ATA 186, Adtran 750 Channel Bank, Small Office PBX, and Voicemail system.



 Oregon Institute of Technology, Klamath Falls, Oregon

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering  

Professional Affiliations

Practicing member of the World Wide Institute of Software
Architects (WISSA)

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)
 version 8 certified
International Association of Software Architects


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